Helping People Improve their Lives by Having Better Credit is My Passion!

My legacy that i will leave behind one day is... "how many lives can I impact for the better before my time on earth ends". I call this my passionate work, my ministry to others.

Valeri A. James


Valeri A. James is a National Credit Expert, Professional Speaker and Author with over 29 years of experience in the credit industry and an extensive knowledge of the credit laws, credit reporting and scoring, credit identity theft, debt negotiation, personal finances,  marketing and business.  Ms. James has authored a Credit Education book and has professionally spoken at seminars, workshops, conferences, business groups and over the radio.  Her passion in helping thousands of consumers to improve their credit and become debt free is very evident in all she continues to do for others.

Today she focuses her time on writing a new book and also training new entrepreneurs to own their own successful credit and debt consulting business so they can help others  who have credit and debt problems plus make a good income for themselves.

Read Her Story

“I got into the credit business by accident at first. At 22 years old, I lost my job and had credit and debt problems as a result from the loss of income. With no company available at that time to help me learn about my consumer rights and legal options, I turned to my attorney father to get help in learning about the state and federal laws. From there, I started helping thousands of consumers obtain better credit through credit repair, establishing credit and helping them eliminate their debt. I thought, if a small town girl like me can have a successful business like this then I can teach other people how to do it too! So about 16 years ago, I created the first Credit and Debt Consulting training company to train people how to become a Certified Credit Consultant™ so that they too can be successful in owning their own Credit and Debt Consulting business. This business is super easy and very rewarding! I love helping people and hope you do too!

I invite you to call me as I would love to hear your story, answer any questions that you may have to see if this new career may be right for you. For me, I personally think it is about paying it forward – educating and helping others by changing their lives for the better. My legacy that I will leave one day is… “how many lives can I impact for the better before my time on earth ends. I call it my passionate work, my ministry to others.”

Valeri, It was a blessing that we met you 6 years ago! Since going through your training we have been able to build a business that not only supports us but has provided a valuable service to our clients. We are able to educate consumers with confidence due to the comprehensive material we received in training. We have both been in the business world for over 30 years and have never seen such a complete business in a box. We were able to start helping clients literally the day after we were certified. Thank you so much for your continued support!


A Team Credit Consulting