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commonly asked Questions and answers about how to become acredit consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Credit Consultant™

The title:  Certified Credit Consultant™ was  originally thought up and trade marked by our Founder, Valeri A. James in 2002.  It was developed so that only those people who showied a passion in helping others and who attended our training could use this trade marked name.  Today, Simple Solutions has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs that wanted to own their own credit and debt consulting business so that they can help consumers learn more about credit, their consumer rights and the laws concerning credit and collections, how to improve their credit, how to raise their credit scores, how not to be a victim of identity theft, what to do if they are a victim of identity theft, how to stop harassing collection calls, how establish or add positive credit to their credit reports, how to get out of ChexSystems or TeleCheck, how to negotiate their debt for 50% or less, and much more. Also as a consultant, you can provide educational information and materials through eBooks, Seminars, Workshops, Professional Speaking engagements, and so much more. Most consultants make over $150 per hour doing consulting, to well over $1,000 per hour doing credit repair and $1,000 to $5,000+ per hour or more doing debt settlement work. Of course we do not tell our clients what we are making per hour, but we quote a ‘flat fee’ so they do not know what we are making per hour. Since the majority of other consultants and companies just provide credit repair only, we want you to rise way above them and receive our complete training system so you will learn ALL there is to know and understand so you can provide a full service, credit and debt consulting business.

Do I have to have any experience?

No, you do not need any experience or a degree. All of us at Simple Solutions would like to train people who are honest and have the desire to help other people, which coincides what our mission statement is all about… paying it forward by helping people to have a better life and save money by having better credit. It would be very helpful if you do have a positive attitude, like talking to others, want to own your own business, want to work your own hours/days, and have more time to spend with your family and friends. Work smarter, not harder is what we believe in. Also, we hope but not require that you have some basic computer skills, some organizational skills and doing a little paperwork (unless you hire a secretary or data processor to do it for you). With honesty and the right attitude, you can learn the information and skills needed to achieve ultimate success by attending our training.

What kind of income can I expect?

Consultants just out of training are earning over $100-$500+/per hour or more are making $2,000 to $5,000 or more per week. To get a better picture of how much money you can make, here is an example: if you charge an individual client $750, a couple $1250, and have 2 individual clients per week and 2 couples per week, your total weekly income is: $4,000. Pretty good income for just working 2 days a week! Or work more days, have more clients it is up to you. Of course with any career, your income will be in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put into your work. Realistic potential income can be over $60k to well over $100k per year working approximately 20 plus hours a week. *Our attorney says we have to put a disclaimer in here of course… that the money you make is directly connected to how much you work or how many clients you obtain. Obviously the more you work, the more money you make… or hire people to help you. Don’t forget about providing debt settlement services… you literally can make an extra $1k to over $5k per month just doing debt settlement work for your clients.

What are the benefits to having my own business?

You will have the joy of setting your own hours, make your own appointments,work from home or an office, take vacations or time off to see your child’s play at school or be with them when they are sick, work part time or full time, it is all up to YOU as you are the boss now! Imagine… No time clock to punch, no commuting in heavy traffic, no more nasty boss to deal with, you will have more time to spend with your family, friends and more time to go on vacations or just extra long lunches with your significant other or catch up with friends. You can work part time or full time it is all up to you as you have the ultimate flexibility of setting your own schedule.

Do I have to learn how to sell?
No. Credit restoration and debt settlement services pretty much sells itself. Either by referral sources or individuals consistently look for someone/company to help them that is knowledgeable and has the factual answers to help them improve their credit, save them money and get out of debt. These clients have questions and are looking for answers, plus want to rely on someone or a company that has the expertise and training to clean up their credit, save money and to help guide them through their financial problems. You will give them HOPE and eliminate their stress! The majority of consumers do not know their consumer rights and the laws that can help protect them. This is where you can really help them as a professionally trained Certified Credit Consultant™. Our experience is that usually 9 out of 10 people sign up for credit repair, especially when they find out that they only have 2 options – they can either wait 7-15 years for negative inaccurate or unverifiable information to fall off their credit reports OR they can exercise their consumer rights and do credit repair to clean up their credit. The choice is that simple! Since the statistics say that 79% of the population has inaccurate or unverifiable information on their credit reports, so this means 79 people out of 100 need your help. That is a lot of people that are willing to pay you $750 to $1250 (or more) for credit restoration and over $1000 to $5000+ for debt settlement help!
What do I need to be a Credit Consultant
The right, legal and proper training so you can help your clients that experience credit and/or debt problems. This is were Simple Solutions can help train you. Also, you will need a computer or laptop, printer, phone, business supplies and a great attitude.
How do I get started?

You can call us at: (480) 786-1234 or email us at: or click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.

Coaching & Support

After my training will I receive support and help?

Absolutely! That’s what the Simple Solutions training program is all about!  Our team of highly experienced professionals will just be an email or phone call away.  Simple Solutions has Coaching and 2 Support Packages available that you can choose from to help you be and stay successful as a Certified Credit Consultant™. They include:  direct one-to-one coaching and support through email or phone, your own website and hosting, constant updates on laws, changes in the industry and new documents or programs as designed, marketing assistance and materials including power point presentations, seminars and workshops, new tips and secrets, plus so much more. We truly have everything you need to continue to stay successful as a credit expert.  Your success is our success!


What is the fee to become a Certified Credit Consultant™?

We have several training options so there are several different fees.  First we wanted to explain something that may help you to understand more about what you will save by choosing any of our training options.  Most franchises cost $25,000 and more as you can see or research online.  An owner of FranCorp, Inc. told us a few years ago, “After seeing all of what you provide consultants, my recommendation is if you don’t charge $25,000.00 for it you’re crazy!” After meeting with this gentleman and a lot of discussion, our Board of Directors at Simple Solutions determined that we wanted to make our training very affordable so that anyone would be able to own their own business.  So we came up with several training options to fit every budget.  Do keep in mind that you can always upgrade up to the next option at any time by paying just the difference.  Here are all of our training options:

  • Option #1  Self Study Course – Complete Credit Repair Training System™ (6 set) PLUS Coaching for $2,400.  Pymt options starting at $400/down.
  • Option #2  Online Training PLUS Coaching $3,400.  Payment options starting at $400/down.
  • Option #3  Extensive In-Person Training PLUS 30 Days of Coaching $4,400
  • Additional Option:  If you have 3 or more from your company, we will come to you.  Call us for more details.  After we understand your needs, we will prepare a Professional Proposal tailored for your company.


When is the next training session scheduled?

If you are choosing the In-Person Training option, they are scheduled at least once per month at our corporate office complex in the beautiful state of Arizona. Please click on the Training Dates tab for the upcoming training dates or you can call us at:  1-480-786-1234.   We have 3 training options available for your convenience from a Self Study Course, Online Training or our In-person Training, you will be very happy with what we provide, train and the income you will be making very soon!  Payment plans are available and start at just $400. Please email or call us for more details.

How much training is needed?

Simple Solutions provides a comprehensive training course along with training manuals with materials to get you started. Our passion and mission is to provide the best training and factual information out there. Our training team will  train you on the following: utilizing and abiding by the state and federal laws to make sure that you and your business are in full compliance at all times; learning how to read and understand credit reports and credit scoring; learning the entities of the trade; what accounts need to be corrected or deleted and the difference of the two; how to do credit repair for your clients; how to help your clients establish credit; educate them  on Credit Identity Theft and how to protect themselves; how to prioritize their debts; how to stop collections calls and deal with collection letters; how to prevent them from being sued; where to market your business to; what to say or not say when marketing; the tools you need to run a successful business; how to set up your business and which corporation entity would be best for you and where you live; what to do after training and so much more!  We also offer ongoing training and consulting that will help you in the daily operations of running your business as a successful entrepreneur as well as the art of Credit and Debt Consulting. As mentioned earlier, we provide 2 support packages to help you continue to stay successful for years to come.  Our complete training system for you to become a Certified Credit Consultant™ cannot be duplicated and cannot be found  anywhere in the United States.

If I can’t attend your training in-person are there any other training options?

Yes, we have several options:  Option #1 You can just purchase just the Self Study Course for only $2,400 to get you started right away in taking care of your clients. Option #2  Purchase our Online Training that includes the Complete Credit Repair Training System™ (6 set) PLUS you get One-to-One Coaching from the comfort of your home or office for $3,400.  Includes everything you need to run your Credit and Debt Consulting Business; or Option #3  attend the In-Person, Hands-on Training PLUS 30 days of additional Coaching and Support for $4,400.  You can start with a lower priced option of $2,400 and later if you want to attend the online/phone training or the in-person training, just pay the difference to upgrade.  You can start with as little as $400 down and make payments when ever you want to. With each payment, we will ship out a particular training manual along with training materials so you can start reading and learning within just a few days.

(480) 786-1234

Valeri, It was a blessing that we met you 6 years ago! Since going through your training we have been able to build a business that not only supports us but has provided a valuable service to our clients. We are able to educate consumers with confidence due to the comprehensive material we received in training. We have both been in the business world for over 30 years and have never seen such a complete business in a box. We were able to start helping clients literally the day after we were certified. Thank you so much for your continued support!


A Team Credit Consulting